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The Nano Experience for Foot and Ankle

What to Expect From Your Nano Procedure

Nano arthroscopy is performed using a needle-sized, high quality camera attachment to diagnose and treat injuries, making it ideal for navigating around the small spaces of the foot and ankle. This tiny instrumentation is designed to be less disruptive to the body as traditional surgery, resulting in less pain1 and potentially requiring fewer narcotic medications than traditional surgery.2

Additionally, most procedures can be performed in an outpatient setting, and patients experience a quick return to regular activities and positive outcomes.1,3

If you cannot undergo MRI, your doctor may use Nano arthroscopy instead as it can help them see and diagnose your injury or condition in an office setting.

A woman holding her ankle in pain.

The Nano Experience

Experience a foot and ankle procedure performed in a non-operating room setting as part of the Nano Experience.

What Can Nano Treat?

Some foot and ankle conditions may improve with the help of conservative treatments, such as rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE); injections; medications; and physical therapy. However, if you are not finding relief and/or your doctor does not think you are a candidate for these options, they may recommend surgery to fix the underlying problem causing your symptoms.

Nano arthroscopy can be used for diagnostic and treatment purposes for a variety of reasons, including:

Plantar Fasciitis

Chronic Ankle Instability

Diagnostic Procedures and Biopsies

Infected Joints

Bone Marrow Stimulation for Cartilage Injuries

Torn Peroneal Tendon

Foot and Ankle Fractures

Recovery Timeline

If you need surgery, Nano arthroscopy procedures can help you return to work, daily activities, and even sports quickly.1

One study showed that 96% of patients returned to sports and 100% returned to work.1

Postoperative management is patient-specific and dependent on the treating professional's assessment. Individual results will vary and not all patients will experience the same postoperative activity level or outcomes.

Most patients can return to daily activities and sports, often within a matter of just a couple weeks.1

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Your doctor will provide specific guidance on what to do immediately after your procedure, including rest, weightbearing, and limiting movement. Patients may not need to use as many narcotics as they would with traditional surgery.2

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If physical therapy is part of your recovery plan, your doctor will coordinate a customized rehabilitation protocol with a physical therapist that considers your procedure, regular activities, and lifestyle.

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Most patients can return to daily activities and sports,1 usually faster than after traditional surgery.3

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Why Nano Arthroscopy for the Foot and Ankle?

One surgeon shares why he incorporates Nano arthroscopy into his foot and ankle procedures.

"Nano has allowed me to develop several new techniques to treat difficult ankle fractures. Nano visualization provides 120° of straightforward viewing, which is ideal for the unique shape of the ankle. The small size allows for access in the smallest spaces."

A portrait of physician Kevin D. Martin, smiling.
Kevin D. Martin, DO

Columbus, OH

Physician is a paid consultant of Arthrex, Inc.

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