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What Is the Nano Arthroscopy Experience?

Nano, or needle, arthroscopy is a revolutionary treatment option that is customizable, safe,1,2 and extremely minimally invasive thanks to leading-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Proven Technology Combined With a Positive Patient Experience


procedures performed3

(as of September 2023)


of patients would get this procedure again4


2 weeks

patients reported higher quality of life than with traditional surgery2


of patients returned to activity within 4 weeks of an ankle procedure4

What Can Nano Do for Me?

Nano, or needle, arthroscopy is a new way to approach treatment that helps you customize a comfortable plan with your doctor. Needle-sized optical tools allow your doctor to look inside your joint to see and, in some cases, treat what's wrong, all in the same visit.

Learn About the Groundbreaking Features of Nano Instrumentation

Incredibly clear cameras and needle-thin instruments allow your surgeon to see and discuss your joints in real time. In many cases, they can also treat injuries and conditions in even the smallest areas in and around your joints.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Learn more about what sets the Nano Experience apart from other treatment options.

A surgeon treating a patient's knee with the Nano procedure.
Accelerated Treatment Options
A Small Scar and a Fast Recovery
Be Involved in Your Treatment

Crystal-Clear Viewing of Your Joints

Special equipment allows your doctor to very clearly see in and around your joint with a high level of detail.

An image of an MRI of a right shoulder.
An image of the inside of a shoulder, using nano visualization.
Nano Visualization

Where Does Nano Work?

Nano can diagnose and treat many injuries and conditions in numerous areas of the body.

Why Surgeons Choose the Nano Experience

Surgeons who offer the Nano Experience share how it benefits their patients.

“Nano technology has changed everything I do. Doing things in a less invasive way with less anesthesia has had an absolutely amazing impact for patients."

A portrait of physician Matt Dagget, smiling.
Matt Daggett, DO, MBA

Kansas City, MO

"The Percutaneous (needle) nature of Nano is designed to prevent soft-tissue disruption and scarring, allowing my patients and Division 1 athletes to return to life and sports quickly."4

A portrait of physician Kevin D. Martin, smiling.
Kevin D. Martin, DO

Columbus, OH

“Nano arthroscopy allows me to treat more and more pathologies than before and innovate in terms of new diagnoses and more refined surgical treatments for our patients.”

A portrait of physician Sanj Kakar, smiling.
Sanj Kakar, MD

Rochester, MN

Physicians are paid consultants of Arthrex, Inc.

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