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The Nano Experience for Hand and Wrist

How Does Nano Work?

Nano surgery is performed using a tiny camera at the tip of a needle-like device, making it ideal for small spaces such as the joints and small bones of the hand and wrist. The procedure only requires a tiny incision, leads to less tenderness than traditional surgical options,1 and gets patients back to activity faster than traditional surgery.2

Additionally, most procedures can be performed outside the traditional operating room setting, and you will work with your doctor to determine the best anesthesia level for your procedure and comfort level. Many Nano arthroscopy procedures for the wrist can be performed using just local anesthesia.3

Nano arthroscopy can also be used for patients who cannot undergo MRI. It can help your doctor see and diagnose your injury or condition in an office setting.

Male hand holding his wrist in pain.

The Nano Experience

See what the Nano Experience is like for patients undergoing a hand and wrist procedure.

What Can Nano Treat?

While conservative treatments like injections, medications, and physical therapy may provide some relief for hand and wrist conditions, your doctor may recommend surgery to fix the underlying problem causing your symptoms.

Nano surgical equipment is extremely minimally invasive and can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of injuries and conditions, including:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Instability and Pain of the Hand and Wrist

Distal Ulnar Pain

Other Procedures

Recovery Timeline

If you need surgery, Nano arthroscopy procedures can help you return to activities faster than traditional surgery.2

Postoperative management is patient-specific and dependent on the treating professional's assessment. Individual results will vary and not all patients will experience the same postoperative activity level or outcomes.

Nano arthroscopy procedures are typically performed in an outpatient setting, and patients can usually go home the same day. Depending on what surgery they performed, your doctor may recommend a device, such as a splint or sling, to minimize motion immediately afterward.

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Your doctor will provide specific guidance on what to do immediately after your procedure. Patients may not need to use as many narcotics as with traditional surgery.4

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Not all patients will require postoperative physical therapy. If you do, your doctor will work with a physical therapist to coordinate a rehabilitation protocol based on your specific procedure, recovery goals, body, and lifestyle.

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Your doctor will work with you to identify when you are able to return to your typical activities.

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Why Nano Arthroscopy for the Hand and Wrist?

One surgeon shares why he incorporates Nano arthroscopy into his hand and wrist procedures.

“My favorite benefit of Nano technology is the improvement in visualization it affords me, especially in those areas where it was harder to place traditional arthroscopes.”

A portrait of physician Sanj Kakar, smiling.
Sanj Kakar, MD

Rochester, MN

Physician is a paid consultant of Arthrex, Inc.

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